Company Policy Regarding Customized Promotional Items.

Our MIOSwag products are hand made and are 100% custom. Variations in coloring and slight imperfections will sometimes occur in the production of your items. All raw materials are inspected before and after the customization process to look for defects and or quality issues with the completed product. The end product must pass a stringent quality control process before we deliver the finished item to our customer. If quality control fails either before, during or after production, then the item will be reproduced at the time of production and before delivery to our customer. The quality failed item may be offered to you for free or at a reduced rate if the defect is only cosmetic in nature. If for example a sports bottle cracked during production, the item would not be fit to perform it’s intended purpose and will likely be destroyed.

Because our products are 100% custom, refunds, exchanges or returns are not accepted for any reason, including damage during shipping. If the item is damaged during shipping, you will want to photograph and/or video the package completely before opening it. If the package makes rattling sounds, do not open the box until you contact the shipping company and can open the box in front of an authorized company representative so they can notate they inspected the damage directly. If the box does not rattle but is in bad shape and you suspect the contents are damaged as well, again please photograph and/or video opening the package. If it is damaged, contact the carrier and file a claim with your documented proof of damage. Our no refund policy also includes the accidental misspelling of names, wrong photographs, changes of mind and virtually any other reason that was NOT caused by a mistake by the production crew. Be very careful in proofreading the spelling of your athletes names, insure that the pictures you submit are not blurry or their eyes are not closed, etc. Any mistake you make on our information upload form will be DIRECTLY input into your design. We may catch simple mistakes and reach out to you for confirmation but that isn’t a guarantee. PLEASE TRIPLE CHECK YOUR UPLOADED INFORMATION. MIOSwag MAY or MAY NOT offer you a discounted replacement at it’s sole discretion, if YOUR mistake is reported to us within 7 calendar days of order being delivered.

Thank you for your business,
The MIOSwag Team